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   Lost the first season of the small card, the Raptors failed to defend their title and stopped in the second round of the Eastern Conference. In this offseason, the Raptors' first priority is to renew Fred Van Fleet, but will the big contract for him affect the Raptors to continue to build the championship lineup? In this regard, "Clutch Points" reporter Robbie Stratakos, after some analysis, came to the conclusion: No.


As early as last month, Raptors President Ujiri said that renewing Van Vleet’s offseason is the Raptors’ "first priority"; coach Nas also claimed that if the Raptors let Van Vleet be free He "will be very surprised" when players leave the market.


  If the Raptors decide to renew Van Fleet, they will have to pay the latter more than 20 million dollars in annual salary. And the most pressing question is, how can the Raptors build a team that has the ability to compete for the championship? The good news is that the Raptors have a way.


   Four seasons so far in his career, Van Fleet's basketball skills, achievements and contributions have been steadily improving. He has grown from a substitute in the first two seasons to the main force of the 2019 championship team, and eventually becomes a new force that cannot be ignored in the league.


  A characteristic of Van Fleet is omnipotence. On the offensive end, he is a high-level and efficient shooter who can respond no matter what defense the opponent plays. Moreover, he is a reliable ball handler. On the defensive end, his perimeter defense is also worthy of recognition.

Van Fleet的一个特点是无所不能。在进攻端,他是一名高水平,高效的射手,无论对手进行何种防守都可以做出回应。此外,他是一位可靠的控球员。在防守端,他的外线防守也值得认可。

   In the unique 2019-20 season, Van Vleet averaged 17.6 points, 6.6 assists and 1.9 steals per game, and his three-point percentage was 39%. In the 11 playoff games played by the Raptors this season, Van Fleet averaged 19.6 points, 6.9 assists and 1.6 steals per game, and a 39.1% percentage. With such a performance of Van Fleet, the Raptors will never let him go.

在独特的2019-20赛季,范弗利特平均每场比赛得到17.6分,6.6次助攻和1.9次抢断,他的三分球命中率为39%。在猛龙本赛季参加的11场季后赛比赛中,范弗利特平均每场得到19.6分,6.9次助攻和1.6次抢断,命中率达到39.1%。凭借Van Fleet的出色表现,猛龙将永远不会放过他。

   The Raptors have about $19 million in salary space this offseason, provided that Ibaka and Gasol are not counted. Although they are both big men who have proven themselves, the Raptors can find a replacement for them. This is not so much disrespect to Ibaka and Gasol, as it is a compliment to the Raptors' ability to cultivate young players.


   The Raptors have always been accustomed to gradually developing a player. Van Fleet is a perfect example. Others such as Siakam, Norman Powell and Anunobi are also carefully trained by the Raptors.

猛龙队一直习惯逐步发展球亚愽最新员。范弗利特就是一个很好的亚愽最新例子。其他人,例如西卡姆(Siakam),诺曼·鲍威尔(Norman Powell)和阿努诺比(Anunobi)也受到猛龙队的精心训练。

Siakam, who was just an ordinary rotation player in the first two seasons of his career, has become an indispensable part of the Raptors' championship history. Now he has grown into the league’s top frontcourt player and can be obtained during the 2019-20 regular season. 22.9 points.

西亚卡姆(Siakam)在职业生涯的前两个赛季中只是一名普通的轮换球员,已经成为猛龙队冠军历史中不可或缺的一部分。现在他已经成长为联盟顶级前场球员,可以在2019-20赛季常规赛中获得。 22.9分

   Powell, who played the role of explosive bench gangster in the past, also doubled his scoring average in the 2019-20 season, scoring 16 points per game. Anunobi has also grown from a defensive expert at the time to a reliable and athletic 3D player, scoring 10.6 points per game in the 2019-20 season and shooting 39% from three points.


   In this year's draft, the Raptors hold the 29th and 59th picks, which can add fresh blood to the team and fill the loopholes. Today, the core of the Raptors was either the second half of the first round, the second round, or even the loss. It is entirely possible that they will perform a miracle in this year's draft.


In the offseason next year, Lowry (2020-21, annual salary of 30.5 million), Powell (2020-21, annual salary of 10.9 million, 2021-22 season with 11.6 million player options) and Anunobi (2020-21, annual salary of 390 Wan) will enter the free agent market. At present, the Raptors still have contracts in the 2021-22 season, with only 4 players. This means that the Raptors will have ample salary space, but they can give Van Vleet a big contract this year, cutting off the idea of ​​other teams.


   Some people would think that the Raptors can re-train a Van Fleet, but based on the current development momentum of the latter, it is not wise to give up the contract extension. A year ago, the Raptors left Siakam with 130 million in 4 years, and it seems to be justified now. In addition, Powell and Anunobi will also be in the 10 million annual salary level by then, and other teams will start chasing.


The reason why it is not wise to find someone to replace Van Vleet is that any new aid is bound to learn and master the Raptors’ offensive tactics from the beginning, and Van Vleet has been on the team for a long time, and the future will be the Raptors’ The main guard, if he continues to cooperate with Siakam, Powell, and Anunobi, everything will only get better.


   Therefore, no matter how big Van Fleet's new contract is, the Raptors are able to keep him. (Demon)

因此,无论范弗利特的新合同有多大,猛龙队都能保留他。 (恶魔)

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