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Due to the impact of the epidemic, foreign referees such as Kratenberg and Marzic are also unable to come to China to enforce the game due to the epidemic. Therefore, referees in the Super League and all levels of leagues this season can only be led by "earth whistles". Originally this was a pity, but before the start of the league, a well-known media posted that this was an opportunity for the local whistle to stand up, and the foreign whistle should not be allowed to occupy the local space.


When I read this article, I don't know what your mood is. Anyway, I was quite shocked because I didn't expect the big media to have logical problems.


It has never been the foreign whistle that squeezed the living space of the local whistle. If the level of the local referees is acceptable, let's spend money to invite others to whistle the game. Isn't that enough?


What is the purpose behind the chaotic logic, it is inconvenient for us to guess,


Fans can fight for their own home team, and they can quarrel with each other over whether they should limit the number of foreign aids. But on the issue of soil and foreign whistle, everyone’s opinions have always been the same. Many people even want to let Kratenberg and Ma Riqi law enforcement.

球迷可以为自己的主队而战,他们可以就是否应限制外援的数量相互争吵。但是在泥土和口哨的问题上,每个人的看法始终是相同的。很多人甚至想让Kratenberg和Ma Riqi执法。

Therefore, if you don't want to occupy the living space of the soil sentry, you can only rely on the soil sentry to use their strength to fight for it.


In fact, the foreign sentries can’t come. What we should do the most is not to welcome the local sentries to "turn over", but to remind them, because under the special circumstances of this year, the disputes and problems can be controlled within It's already thank goodness to not make a big noise.


Not to mention the Chinese Super League, even after the semi-finals of the top five leagues, the number of controversial penalties has also increased significantly.


The problem arises because the sudden epidemic disrupted the pace of referee work. For example, referees have to conduct professional training every year, but the sudden epidemic disrupted the training. Although FIFA has issued a teaching plan for online training, the quality of online courses cannot be compared with classroom teaching after all.


Moreover, the physical training of the referees was disrupted. In the relevant documents, the Chinese Football Association only "encourages referees to train appropriately while ensuring personal safety."


This requirement clearly shows the quality of the referees' training. If you can't keep up with the rhythm of the game, it is not surprising that wrong judgments and missed judgments occur.


What's more, this year the Chinese Super League is held in a tournament system, and players and referees have to accept long-term closed management. As a result, some referees are unable to whistle the game because of their job, which makes the arrangements of referees quite nervous; and the referees who can come to whistle the game will inevitably have psychological problems in a closed environment.


The above are all disadvantages that have been put on the table before the start of the season. With the strength of local referees, it is difficult to overcome these difficulties.


Therefore, the foreign whistles can't come, the Chinese Super League is the damage. As for the remarks of "Turnover", I really don't know where the confidence and courage came from.


Sure enough, as soon as the league started, the local whistles showed what it means to be scolded by strength. Various wrong judgments, missed judgments, and late judgments are frequently staged, and almost every team suffers more or less. Although the Football Association explicitly ordered the club not to appeal to referees, many teams still submitted appeals.


Of course, these clubs also understand that even if they file a complaint, the Football Association will not accept it, but in the face of the performance of the local whistles, the club can only express their attitude in this way.


As for the attitude of the fans, let alone. Regarding the issue of refereeing, the fans of the 16 Super League teams are united as never before. Regardless of the gains or losses, the spearhead is directed at the whistle.


Even the "People's Daily" couldn't help but complain about the law enforcement capabilities of the local guards on Weibo. It can be said that if the local whistlemen ride the wind and waves, then Chinese football is likely to break out of the sports page again and move towards social topics.


As a management agency, the Chinese Football Association must pay attention to refereeing issues. In the current difficult environment, the Chinese Super League will also usher in a difficult period. If you want to survive the difficult situation, you must first make every effort to ensure the excitement of the game in order to maintain commercial value. The quality of the referee's judgment is one of the keys to ensuring the smoothness of the game.


Moreover, the Super League has now been broadcast in some countries and regions. If the local whistles continue to make waves, the image and commercial value of the Super League will be greatly damaged.


Of course, the Chinese Super League can continue to hire more foreign whistleblowers to improve the level of law enforcement, but no matter how many foreign whistles, the fundamental problem cannot be solved. Because even if the Chinese Super League achieves full coverage of foreign whistles, the law enforcement of the low-level leagues such as China A and China B will have to rely on soil whistles to complete.


If the level of the local whistles cannot be improved, then the already weak pyramid foundation of Chinese football will be even weaker.


However, from the attitude of the Football Association, they seem to have not attracted much attention. After the end of the first stage of the league, the Football Association responded to the referee's question. There are roughly three contents: one is to emphasize objective difficulties, such as the shortage of manpower caused by closed management; the other is that the existing misjudgments have been strictly dealt with by the Football Association. According to international practice, the punishment results are not disclosed; the third is to introduce some highlights of the referee work this year.


In the above content, except for the punishment of the referee, there is no substantive content. For example, for the most critical business training work, the Football Association only introduces the opportunity to use closed management, so that referees sit together to exchange and review the game and summarize experience and lessons.


But a few soil outposts sitting together, can you communicate the effect, just look at the quality of their law enforcement.


The referee's lack of professionalism is directly related to the training quality of the Football Association. For example, Ma Ning, Fu Ming, and Zhang Lei have had a lot of controversial penalties this year, but it is undeniable that the professional standards of the three are the highest among domestic referees, and some previous law enforcement has also been praised by fans.


Moreover, Ma Ning and Fu Ming are also referees trained by the AFC. They have acted in the AFC finals and the Club World Cup. Their abilities are worthy of recognition. But at the same time, their own shortcomings are equally obvious, and they can even be described as "defects".


For example, Maning’s sense of position on the court is very good. After a foul occurs, he can often rush to the scene as soon as possible. This is also the basis for his daring to play penalty kicks; however, Maning’s communication efficiency with the players on the court is very low and often Need to rely on playing cards to maintain order, and even blow a game to pieces.


Fu Ming is very good at communicating with players and also good at observing the trend of the game. When VAR was first introduced, many referees were very unfamiliar with their use. Some referees even asked VAR about the issue of Sesame Mung Bean, which seriously affected the consistency of the game.

傅明非常擅长与玩家沟通,也擅长观察游戏发展趋势。 VAR首次引入时,许多裁判员对它们的用法非常陌生。一些裁判甚至向VAR询问芝麻绿豆的问题,这严重影响了比赛的一致性。

In the match between Hebei China Fortune and Shandong Luneng, Fu Ming used VAR at the right time, and the whistleblowing was quite accurate. In this game, the total running distance of China Fortune and Shandong Luneng reached 115 kilometers and 113 kilometers, respectively, the highest value of the two teams in the season, and the net game time reached more than 60 minutes.


Being able to play a smooth game, Fu Ming's law enforcement was indispensable. After the game, Fu Ming also received unanimous praise from all walks of life.


When the Chinese Football Association promoted professional refereeing, Fu Ming had the least controversy, but Fu Ming's shortcomings were also obvious. Excessive self-confidence became arrogance, and decisiveness became arbitrary. Fu Ming, who had just reached the pinnacle of life, immediately Encountered Waterloo.


In fact, as long as a serious analysis is needed, it is not difficult to see the strengths and weaknesses of each referee. As a referee management agency, training programs should be formulated separately for each referee's shortcomings to improve the ability of referees. This should be even more so after the implementation of professional refereeing.


However, we have not seen a significant improvement in the ability of local referees. Even Zhang Lei, who is more stable than Ma Ning and Fu Ming and has received less criticism in recent years, has also seen highly controversial penalties. This is a manifestation of the Football Association's inadequate training of referees.


Of course, far can not quench the thirst of near, and now to strengthen training, can not solve the problem of this season. In addition to letting the referees try their best to avoid misjudgments and misjudgments, the Football Association has to think of other ways to ease the huge contradiction between clubs, players, fans and local whistles as much as possible.


In fact, this is also a shortcoming of the Football Association's previous work. Take last year's "Fu Ming Incident" as an example. In fact, the matter was not complicated and difficult to deal with. But the Football Association’s performance was too low-key, but the referee panel gave a wrong conclusion and arranged Fu Ming to enforce the law for a period of time.


It stands to reason that it is an international standard not to disclose the results of referees, and it is also for the protection of referees. However, international standards do not prohibit you from engaging in crisis public relations, especially for major public opinions like the "Fu Ming Incident". It is even more necessary to take public relations actions.


The crisis public relations done by the Football Association is very simple-to keep the parties silent. One point is that in the "Fu Ming Incident", some people's behavior was indeed excessive, even touching the bottom line of the law, but the Football Association and Fu Ming did not reply, did not delete the post, and did not send the lawyer's letter. Compared with some organizations, The Football Association's self-help attitude is already very good.


However, there are two possibilities behind self-determination: one is that you really know you are wrong and let everyone scold it at will, and the other is that people don't take you seriously.


Judging from the actions of the Football Association, they are likely to belong to the latter. Because if it is really based on the fan market, some measures must be taken to maintain the relationship with the fans.


In addition, the Chinese Basketball Association once issued a detailed investigation report in response to a controversy in the CBA. These actions can be regarded as crisis public relations for refereeing issues. When the fans saw these professional and objective review reports, their dissatisfaction with the referees and management agencies also disappeared.


Although the Chinese Football Association also has some measures, such as the speed of the judging committee's assessment of disputes and penalties, compared with the above cases, there is a great distance between the quality and content of the assessment.


For example, in the article mentioned by Fu Ming for the penalty given to Qian Jie, the referee committee only determined the penalty as quickly as possible. The basis for the assessment and interpretation of the rules were all hastily. This perfunctory attitude makes it difficult for fans to buy it. .

例如,在傅明提到的对钱洁的处罚中,裁判委员会只是尽快确定了处罚。评估和解释规则的基础都很仓促。这种敷衍的态度使粉丝难以购买。 。

In the next step, the Football Association should not only rely on blocking the appeal channels when dealing with refereeing issues. In the case that foreign whistle cannot come to China, the Football Association should draw on the experience of referee management in the European League, seriously consider how to deal with the doubts of fans and clubs, and show enough sincerity to win the understanding of all parties, so that it can also give the referees They reduce the psychological burden.


Although it is not easy to successfully start the league under the epidemic situation, the Football Association cannot be satisfied with this. Nowadays, the finances of all teams have been hit hard. The Chinese Super League teams need exciting games back and forth, and whether the games are exciting or not is closely related to the referee's level of enforcement.


Therefore, the Football Association must now take good care of these local whistles and do their best to maintain league order.


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